Leather Caring Tips


  • PELLE  Products are made from top quality Leather and has a wonderful new leather Aroma. The smell will fade away in just about 2-3 weeks of Regular use or you can just open the package and put in a well-Ventilated place for some time.
  • Due to the Nature of Pure Leather, it can never be entirely waterproof. So, avoid your favourite PELLE bag in bad weathers as Direct contact with WATER is impermissible. We have provided Water-Resistant Bag Cover so, use it in adverse weather conditions.


  • Remove Dirt Build-up on PELLE bag by using a cleanser made specifically for Leather.
  • Occasionally, give your PELLE bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth – A step towards preserving the appearance of your Leather Bag for the years to come.
  • Moisturize your PELLE bag by special Leather conditioners to keep it supple.
  • Condition every month or so to keep your ZIBAG looking its Shiny Best


  • Stuff your Unused PELLE bag
  • Use Silica Gel so your PELLE bag doesn’t get Damp
  • Air once in every 2-3 Weeks to halt the growth of Mold


Maintaining Scratches in the Natural leather

Almost all our leather bags are strong and hardwearing along with a scratch and a scratch here would only add to its distressed looks still when a scratch doesn’t wipe away with your own finger then a rub of some kind of vegetable, sunflower, baby or rapeseed oil on 100 % cotton wool will often are effective.

Rebuilding a Dry Leather Bag

When your leather satchel begins to turn out to be dry and also rough to the feel (probably a result of often getting wet) after which it is important to exchange the herbal oils which have been washed away. We provide all our leather bags 1 coat of rapeseed oil , that helps waterproof them and maintain the leather-based nourished and also lustrous.

If you need to maintain your leather-based satchels nourished, when it seems dry simply sponge the leather-based with vegetable,sunflower, newborn or rapeseed oil until the entire of the leather-based satchel has got a lighting coating. After that dry the leather-based satchel for a day, in a place comfortable and airy, such as an airing cabinet. Within this process the color of the leather satchel might go several shades darker however this will lighten up since the leather dries. This is often repeated every time you believe the leather has become dry or perhaps you want to give your current leather satchel that additional bit of specific care.

Re-Waterproofing a Leather-based Bag

The oiling process which we have performed throughout the production of your leather-based bag provides good protection against the components but when you need to do would like to additional waterproof your own leather bag after that listed here are a few choices:

  • Collonil leather gel – a fairly good way to maintain your satchel water resistant.
  • Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather-based – this is often an excellent water-proofer for leather-based.