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About Us

Pelle is a Luxury Leather goods operation focusing on ‘one by one’ humanised manufacture. Every piece unique and handmade. Using only the finest materials sourced as locally as our surviving supply chains will allow, our artistry is based on combining the traditional techniques of leather craft and a modern design aesthetic where functionality is key. Bringing ownership of craft back to the individual, reversing a division of labour and ensuring every piece holds a unique bond to the maker.

Founded in 2015 by  Designer Milan & Atul ,  Graduates on a private endeavour to keep English craft and industry alive.


At PELLE we believe in “slow fashion”, where each unique, hand-crafted, item demands hours of labor and results in decades of use. In an era of machinery, speed and technology, our planet is under great pressure and resources are scarce. Therefore, we take pride in using natural and eco-friendly materials to craft goods that will outlast generations and become family legacies. PELLE take a step back, restoring the human touch and insisting upon patience and thoughtfulness as necessary skills toward respecting nature.

Our products have a rugged feel due to the natural characteristics of vegetable tanned leather. Because we exclusively work with full grain leather - retaining the top layer of the animal's skin - each piece of material sourced is as unique as a fingerprint. Therefore, you won’t find two totally identical products in our collection.

The importance of stitching technique is often overlooked. We strictly adhere to the traditional hand saddle-stitching technique due to its resistance, durability and aesthetics. Even if made with the highest quality leather, when a product is machine sewn (however well done), it will eventually, and inevitably unravel and late you down. In addition to guaranteeing top quality production, hand-stitching means that you may allow yourself to truly fall in love with your item and know that it will last a lifetime.

Due to the amount of a highly skilled craftsmanship, quality materials and exclusive use of saddle stitching techniques put into our work, each and every bag or accessory is incredibly durable
We take it as a great honour to be able to deliver truly hand made items, having at least 15 hours dedicated to each bag. Our focus is on uniqueness and quality, not quantity.